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Subject Public Rental Housing Supply in 2018 : 148,000 units in total, surpassing the target by 18,000 units
Upload Date 2019-01-31 Source MOLIT News
Name Charlotte PARK (044-201-3077, Inquiry 1032
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□ The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced on January 31 that 148,000 units of public rental housing were supplied in 2018, which is 18,000 units more than the yearly target set in Housing Welfare Roadmap the Ministry released earlier in November 2017.

ㅇ The total number is the largest in Korea’s public rental housing supply.

□ By type, build-to-rent housing (construction completed), buy-to-rent housing and rent-to-rent housing amounted to 70,000, 19,000 and 59,000 units, respectively.

□ By tenant, 23,000 units were supplied to young adults, 30,000 to newly-weds, 14,000 to the elderly and 81,000 to low-income households, fulfilling every target set in Housing Welfare Roadmap.

□ For 2019, the Ministry has set a higher target of 136,000 units, compared to 130,000 units for 2018, in a move to provide greater housing stability for low-income households according to their life-cycle stage. The Ministry is committed to reaching the target with a longer-term goal of offering 695,000 units in total from 2018 to 2022.