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Subject The 1st Smart TransLogistiX, “Digital On Your Way”
Upload Date 2022-10-12 Source MOLIT News
Name Annie KIM Inquiry 265
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MOLIT holds the 1st Smart TransLogistiX under the theme of “Digital On Your Way”

- Holding an exhibition of the latest technologies and products for 3 days from Oct. 12th alongside a policy related seminar and a conference

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT, Minister WON Hee-ryong) announced that it will hold “Smart TransLogistiX” at COEX (Gangnam, Seoul) for 3 days from Wed. 12 October to Fri. 14 October together with the Korea Road Association and COEX.

The “Smart TransLogistiX” was planned to promote information and technology exchanges in accordance with the recent rapid technological development and industrial changes in the field of road transportation, mobility and logistics, and to be used as a specialized exhibition and convention platform to lead the global market of the new industrial ecosystem by stimulating technology development and commercialization of companies.

In this first specialized exhibition in the field of road, transportation, and logistics industries under the theme of “Digital On Your Way”, the scale of 150 booths participated with a total of 50 government agencies, local governments, research institutes, and related companies, including Gyeonggi Autonomous Driving Center, Korea Railroad Research Institute, and Amazon Web Service, etc. is going to take place.

In particular, various new products and new technologies for the innovation of roads and transportation, and logistics industries such as ITS: Intelligent Transportation System, autonomous driving, smart road design and construction, UAM: Urban Air Traffic, smart logistics and automation and so forth will be exhibited in one place.

In addition, a policy related seminar and a conference with the participation of academia, research, and government experts and workers will be held as side events during the event period.

The policy related seminar will be held on 12 October under the theme of “Smart Mobility and Changes of Future Roads” which was planned to exchange information while discussing the changing direction of future roads on account of the recent hot topic called smart mobility technology and environmental changes.

The conference will be held for two days between 13 October and 14 under the theme of “Innovation Strategies of Smart Mobility and Logistics Industry in the Era of Great Digital Transformation”, and in-depth discussions will take place focusing on “Smart Mobility Industry” on the 13th and “Smart Logistics Industry” on the 14th.

Meanwhile, this exhibition held concurrently with “2022 Green Business Week” hosted by the National Assembly Hydrogen Economy Forum is expected to enhance the synergy effect among related industries and to provide abundant attractions for visitors.

For more information about the event, such as touring the exhibition and attending the seminar and the conference, please visit the exhibition website followed (http://stlx.co.kr/).

LEE Yong-wook, Director of Roads Department of the MOLIT mentioned, "As communication and cooperation are more important than ever in the rapidly changing technological development and diversifying industrial environment, we hope that this event will serve as a forum for exchanges among related industries."

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