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Subject Minister WON Hee-ryong Continues Global Cooperation on Mobility Area in Davos
Upload Date 2023-01-19 Source MOLIT News
Name Annie Hyunsuk KIM Inquiry 200
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Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is a game changer for urban transportation

Minister WON Hee-ryong, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT), visited Davos, Switzerland, from 18 to 19 January to attend the World Economic Forum (WEF), the venue where global leaders such as economists, entrepreneurs, and academics gather together to discuss global pending economic issues.

Minister Won’s participation was made at the invitation of the WEF, and it is meaningful in that it is the first case for the MOLIT to participate in a discussion body that leads the global discourse on the future mobility era.

Minister Won attended the session of “Aerospace Governors Meeting” as a keynote speaker at the WEF on 18 January and presented the vision for the realization of AAM (Advanced Air Mobility).

Opening the session, Minister Won announced, "In order to cope with the crisis of the existing aviation industry and the saturation of the existing ground transportation system due to the pandemic, rising energy prices, and contraction of investment, we need constant innovation.", adding, "There is AAM in the center of the innovation, and this will be the game changer for urban transportation as well as for the future provisions of the aviation industry.”

Minister Won presented four challenges to realize future air mobility: securing safety, low noise suitable for urban environments, ultra-high-speed communication environment in preparation for high-density traffic, and securing economic feasibility such as low fares, while emphasizing the importance of a roadmap participated by government, private sector, and international community together.

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