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Subject Drones, From Innovation to Everyday Life... International Expo starts on Jul 5
Upload Date 2019-07-01 Source MOLIT News
Name Choi Sung-won (044-201-4310) Inquiry 624
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-Development history of drones in various sectors such as national territory, environment, safety, public security and national defense
-Prospective model demonstration flights, innovative technologies and product exhibit, and drone soccer tournament

□ The ‘2019 Drone Industry International Expo“ will be held from Jul 5 (Fri) to Jul 7 (Sun) at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium under the theme ’From Innovation to Everyday Life’.

ㅇ MOLIT (Minister Kim Hyun-mee and Jeonju City (Mayor Kim Seung-soo) announced that it would co-host the international expo that will be joined by over 20,000 people including key experts, domestic and foreign drone companies, buyers and investors in drone-related industries, and the general public.

□ This event, which is being held for the purpose of promoting the drone industry that is being utilized in various sectors such as national territory, environment, safety, public security and national defense, as well as to share technological trends by inviting domestic and foreign experts, and to seek ways to further development the drone industry, will be made up of ① drone demonstrations, ② international conference, ③ drone industry/institute exhibits, and ④ drone soccer.

① A prospective drone model demonstration will displayed at the opening ceremony (10:30, Jul 5 (Fri)).

ㅇ It is expected to demonstrate utilization models such as real-time mapping, regional monitoring, microdust measurement and long-flight hydrogen drones that will be developed through the international postponement system*, which is a positive support project of the MOLIT.

* Support for consortiums of institutes, companies and manufacturers for the early commercialization of outstanding technologies in the private sector

ㅇ In particular, it is scheduled to stud the skies with a beautiful picture through the group flight drone shone of a Korean company that is currently flying high in the global market with its proprietary technologies.

② An exhibit event joined by over 100 drone companies and institutes will also be held.

ㅇ The major technologies and products of domestic drone companies will be put on display and they will be supported for pioneering new sales channels by inviting key buyers and investors. Prospective companies from Shenzhen, China, which is a global drone cluster, and major drone companies from Japan will also participate in the overseas drone industry exhibit hall.

ㅇ OPPAV, which is being developed as a national R&D project so that it can also be used as drone taxis and personal vehicle drones, will also be put on display.

* Optionally Piloted Personal Aerial Vehicle

③ A seminar for technological and financial empowerment of domestic and foreign experts will also be held.

ㅇ Presentations from domestic and foreign experts will also be held on topics such as the global trends of UTM (UAS Traffic Management) and domestic technological levels and commercialization projects, etc.

ㅇ It will be followed by lectures for establishing PR and financial management strategies to come up with investment strategies for major start-ups and lectures on major cases on inviting investments.

ㅇ Also, global patent trends that will shed light on technological trends and the direction of applying for patents that can lead to investments will be introduced.

④ In addition to the expo and conference focusing on the industry, a conference for the leisure sector will also be held.

ㅇ Drone soccer, which is currently being globalized since being selected as a major tournament and regulation by the International Aeronautics Federation (FAI), will also be held as a national tournament at this expo.

* Scheduled to hold three different leagues such as the general amateur league, general rookie league and youth league

ㅇ Plans are being made to expand the pool by offering drone soccer dribbling and mini drone piloting experiences for the general public to enjoy.

□ MOLIT Aviation Policy Officer Eo Myeong-so said, “By showing cases on the innovation of drones and drones being used for industry, administration and by the general public, it is meaningful in that the drone industry has becoming more approachable by the citizens.”

ㅇ He added, “We are planning to further develop the international expo so that citizens can experience drone innovation even more and to promote development of the drone industry.”