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Subject Getting A Glimpse into the Future Cities
Upload Date 2019-09-02 Source MOLIT News
Name CHOI Hee-jung (044-201-4972) Inquiry 254
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Getting A Glimpse into the Future Cities:

World Smart City Expo (WSCE) 2019, the biggest smart city event in Asia Pacific, will be held in Korea.

Key features of the WSCE 2019

Date/Venue: September 4 to 6, 2019/ KINTEX, Goyang, Korea

Participants(around 30,000): Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon, MPs, government officials, business representatives, delegates from international organizations(e.g. World Bank, UNHABITAT, etc) urban experts, public, etc

Program: Opening ceremony, Exhibition, Conference & Seminar, Business & Networking, Smart City Talk Salon, Smart City Make A Thon, Awards & Networking Party, etc

The biggest smart city conference in Asia Pacific, formerly known as World Smart City Week will be held under the new name “World Smart City Expo (WSCE).

Hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) and the Ministry of Science and the ICT(MSCT) of Korea and organized by Korea Land and Housing Corporation(LH), K-water and KINTEX, the WSCE 2019 will be held from September 4 to 6 in KINTEX, Goyang, Korea.

Held under the theme of “Smart City: Connecting Tomorrow,” the WSCE 2019 will invite urban experts, government officials, business leaders, delegates of international organizations and the public to conferences, seminars and networking events to share Korea’s smart city policies and technologies as well as its vision and value.

At the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon, high-level government officials from England, Malaysia and Uzbekistan and world-renowned figures from the academia and industry will be among the 400 participants from 40 countries who will celebrate the three-day event.

Also, Richard Florida- an American urban studies theorist and the author of “The New Urban Crisis: How Our Cities Are Increasing Inequality, Deepening Segregation and Failing the Middle Class and What We Can Do About it”- will deliver a keynote speech on the role of a city as an engine of growth and creativity as well as its direction and value, setting the tone for the event.

After the opening ceremony, 19 conferences such as ‘Global Joint City Conference’ (Themes: 1.Policy Direction, 2. Technology & Solution, 3. Sharing Economy & Sustainability, 4. International Cooperation), ‘Smart City Overseas Export Exchange Conference,’ ‘Smart City Tech Conference,’ will offer venues for exchanging and discussing policies and technologies.

High-level meetings between governments or with multilateral organizations will take place on the sidelines of the expo to foment bilateral and multilateral cooperation on smart city and develop concrete projects in the field.

For businesses, ‘Investment Roundtable for Smart City’ presents opportunities for business promotion and investment attraction. As for the local governments, ‘Smart City Council of Local Governments’ will give a platform for developing local partnerships.

During the course of the expo, various public events will also take place to channel the collective wisdom to solving urban problems and gather creative ideas.

One such event is ‘Smart City Make A Thon: Smart City Services for Improving Urban Life and Competitiveness.’ During the three-day competition, 50 teams will design and develop a smart city service.

Winners of ‘Smart City Idea Contest (among university/college students)’ and ‘Children’s Smart City Drawing Competition’ will receive awards and the opportunity to exhibit their ideas at the special booth installed inside the expo venue.

Moreover, various sideline events, such as exhibition and ‘Smart City Talk Salon’ will keep attendants entertained.

At the exhibition hall, booths set up by the Korean governments (on smart city projects underway/planned across Korea), other countries/cities (e.g. England, the Netherlands, Singapore, etc), businesses, agencies and the NGOs will showcase the latest trends and technologies in the smart city field.

In particular, Smart City Talk Salon due on September 5 (17:00~), will stir public’s interest in smart city by looking at the smart city in the context of liberal arts and inviting the public to free discussion.

Special guests to the Smart City Talk Salon will include Anthony Townsend, an internationally recognized expert on the future of cities and information technology, Jeong Jae-seung, Master Planner of the National Smart City Project and Dr. Jang Dong-sun, Head of the Future Mobility Development Team of the Hyundai Future Technology Innovation Center.

MOLIT and MSCT, the hosts of the WSCE 2019, expect that expo, given its scale of being the largest smart city event in Asia Pacific and its role as being the main platform for sharing Korea’s smart city technologies and policies, will attract attention and guests from countries around the world. After the WSCE 2019, Korea wishes to make smart city, a concept encompassing such components as a platform for the fourth industrial revolution and a living lab, a more familiar concept.

The WSCE 2019 is an open event and registration at the venue is possible. You can find further information on the event at its official website.

World Smart City Expo 2019: (