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Subject Contact-free Pizza Delivery by Autonomous Drones
Upload Date 2021-08-20 Source MOLIT News
Name Shing Kyung(044-201-4315, Inquiry 290
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Commercialization of drone pizza delivery service launched on August 22nd at Sejong Lake Park

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT, Minister Noh Hyeong Ouk) announced that commercial pizza delivery service by drones* was launched on August 22nd in Sejong City under cooperation with a domestic drone company ‘Pilot Square’ (P-Square), and Domino’s Pizza, the multinational pizza chain.

* (Drone Delivery) ’21.8.22~10.31, on Saturdays and Sundays (13:00∼18:00), 2-3 times per hour

Customers can use the Domino’s Pizza delivery app to make an order (13:00∼18:00, available only on Saturdays and Sundays) near the park and track the delivery drone’s location in real-time.

When receiving the ordered pizza, the purchaser has to enter the passcode created when making the order to open the delivery box, which is to prevent its loss and theft.

MOLIT has focused on developing and demonstrating drone-utilizing services in various fields to foster the domestic drone industry.

Systematic support such as regulatory relief, financing, and supply-demand matching has been provided to help enhance the global competitiveness of drones developed with domestic technology and create new services utilizing them.

P-Square who has been playing a leading role in successfully commercializing the recent drone service for pizza delivery saw its work come to fruition after years of endeavor to advance and secure drone delivery technology under the financial support of the government (KRW 248M).

The drone delivery service capitalized on precise navigation satellite system, which contributed to significantly improving the positional accuracy of drones.

In addition, a variety of cutting edge technologies were employed including sensors to detect aircraft abnormalities and autonomous flight technology which allows drones to be operated without a controller.

MOLIT projects the launch of urban commercial drone delivery service signals an early realization of the Korean New Deal by creating new jobs and introducing future mobility services in our daily lives.

With growing interest in drone delivery as a contact-free service suitable for post-pandemic era, more and widened urban regions are expected to benefit from commercial drone delivery services.

Director Kim Dong Ik for Advanced Aviation Division in MOLIT said in an interview that the Ministry will continue to discover and advance what is needed in terms of policy and strategy to embrace more drone-utilizing services in our everyday lives in a safe and smooth manner.