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Subject Partnership for the Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII)
Upload Date 2022-11-15 Source MOLIT News
Name Annie Hyunsuk KIM Inquiry 119
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MOLIT Minister Won’s Meeting with the Governor of Bali to discuss cooperative plans for Light Railway Transit project

On November 15 (Tuesday) at 16:45 local time (17:45 KST), Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, WON Hee-ryong attended the “Partnership for the Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII*)” event held at the Apurva Kempinski Hotel in Bali, Indonesia, co-hosted by Indonesia, the US and the EU.

* PGII: Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment

- Date: 11.15. (Tue) 16:45 - 17:45/ Venue: Apurva Kempinski Hotel, Bali/ Co-hosts: Indonesia, USA, EU / Invited countries: Korea, Japan, UK, Germany, Canada, Argentina, Italy, etc.

- PGII Overview: Initiated by 7 countries (G7: US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan) to support the establishment of high-quality infrastructure for inclusive and sustainable development in low- and middle-income countries (June 2022)

At this meeting, Minister Won emphasized that Korean private companies and policy finance institutions with extensive experience and expertise in the fields of ICT and infrastructure could become the best cooperative partners for global infrastructure projects.

Adding that we hope the global infrastructure and investment partnership would become more concrete through this event to establish PGII as a platform for leading the common prosperity and abundance of humankind.

Please refer to the attached file or the preview for more details.