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Subject K-UAM to Demonstrate the Future of Our Urban Air Mobility
Upload Date 2022-11-23 Source MOLIT News
Name Annie Hyunsuk KIM Inquiry 122
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First time demonstration of the flight and the full course of its service with the aircraft produced by domestic SMEs, alongside the Casual Talks together with MOLIT, Startups, and the Youth Foundation to share UAM’s vision with the young

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT, Minister WON Hee-ryong) revealed that the flight demonstration as an annual event since 2020 with an intention to enhance its public acceptance of Urban Air Mobility (hereinafter 'UAM'), which is the core of the future mobility, will be hosted in Gimpo (Ara Marina) from 09:15 a.m. on 23 November 2022.

* Urban Air Mobility: High-tech transportation system for the next-generation to safely and conveniently transport people and cargo in urban environments based on electric power & less-noise aircraft, and vertiport

This event will be attended by around 400 participants of key officials from the industry, academia, and research institutes, including the National Assembly member KIM Joo-young; heads of local governments such as Gimpo Mayor; President of Korea Airports Corporation; President of Korean Institute of Aviation Safety Technology; Representative of private companies such as Hyundai Motors and Hanwha Systems, etc. along with students and citizens.

At this event, which marks its third anniversary this year, will encourage companies to develop airframes and *provide an opportunity to promote their own technology by **demonstrating the flight of airframes (2 units) produced by Korean companies for the first time.

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