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Subject Welcoming Address
Name 유승우
Upload Date 2019.05.22 Inquiry 687
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Five minute speech while the Vice-minister is seated

Hello. My name is Kim Jeong-ryeol and I am the Vice-minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of the Republic of Korea.
I would like to give my heart-felt welcome to everyone from the press who have come here today from countries all around the world based on your expectations and interest for the ITF.

As the chair country of this year, we carefully organized a three-day, two-night program and we hope that through this, we will share our pending issues and concerns with member nations, discuss ways for cooperation, and search for sustainable solutions that for everyone.

In particular, I believe that this year’s agenda, “Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration” is a very timely theme at this juncture to be discussed by the ITF where connectivity has become a topic that encompasses all sectors.

Today’s transport connectivity is not only about transport connectivity such as connecting roads and railways or transits using public transportation, but where transportation and communication are connected and transportation and energy are integrated and converged in real-time.
We are now in an age where we cannot fathom transportation without communication or transportation without energy.

Transport connectivity will broaden the horizons of life and offer a vast array of opportunities.
It will raise communities and revitalize the economy to make society more prosperous.

With the opening ceremony scheduled for later this afternoon, we will head to the arena of discussion on transport connectivity for regional integration.
Please keep an eye on our in-depth discussions on what improvements must be made for transport connectivity in order to achieve the goal of communities and cities to integrate with other regions of the world and on the social, economic and environmental aspects.

Connectivity is the Zeitgeist that we should pursue.
The ITF and myself advocate this Zeitgeist.
I ask that you join us on this journey.

In the best of weathers, we gathered with the best of topics in the most meaningful of places.

I hope that during this three-day journey, we will gain inspiration and find sustainable value for everyone.