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Subject Now to Kazakhstan in Central Asia
Upload Date 2024-04-01 Source MOLIT News
Name Annie Hyunsuk KIM Inquiry 199
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Aviation talks between Korea and Kazakhstan from March 20th to increase the right to operate flights (air traffic rights)

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT, Minister PARK Sang-woo) agreed to increase the number of air traffic rights

between Korea and Kazakhstan at the bilateral aviation talks* held in Almaty from March 20th.

*  Director General for Aviation Policy KIM Young-guk of the MOLIT, Chairperson of the Civil Aviation Committee Saltanat

Tompiyeva from Kazakhstan

The traffic rights for air transport, which have been limited to 1,450 seats per week (currently 5 flights per week based on the number of seats operated by Asiana Airlines), were changed to a frequency system and increased to 7 flights per week on the Incheon-Almaty route and 14

flights per week on all routes except the Incheon-Almaty route (21 flights per week in total).

The number of traffic rights for airfreight between the two countries has been increased to 20 flights a week.

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