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Hyun Hwan Jin Vice Minister for Land and Infrastructure Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT), Republic of Korea

Welcome to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) of Korea.

As the Vice Minister for Land and Infrastructure, I and my team will rebuild the housing ladder

and strengthen the housing safety net in Korea to broaden access to housing for people of all

generations and social groups.

To that end, we will build homes that can meet the diversified needs of occupants, expand

public housing supply, and plan our broader housing supply in reflection of the changes in

households. We will also enact measures to protect the victims of Jeonsei frauds and to lower

housing costs for the youth, newlywed and families with children.

In cities, we will move away from the traditional urban regeneration model that centers on

reconstruction and innovate cities to help them adapt to future urban trends and to enhance

urban living.

For balanced regional development, we will fully support local governments’ initiatives to

create regional growth hubs like the National Industrial Complexes and the Urban Innovation


To prop up construction against the adverse trends or events affecting the domestic real estate

market like project financing, we will take decisive measures to mitigate their effects.

As we pursue these policies, we will constantly endeavor to improve our policies and actively

communicate with the public so that you can feel the difference brought by our policies.

Thank you.

Work Experience

  • Dec. 2023 Vice Minister for Land and Infrastructure, MOLIT*
  • Aug. 2023 Deputy Minister for Housing and Land, MOLIT
  • Aug. 2022 Subdivision Head of the Blue House Relocation Task Force of the 20th Presidential Transition Committee
  • Nov. 2021 - Mar. 2022 Administrator,
    Busan Regional Office of Construction and Management, MOLIT
  • Mar. 2022 Director General for Land Policy, MOLIT
  • Feb. 2020 ROK Alternate Representative for ICAO,
    ROK Consulate General in Montreal and Permanent Mission to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
  • Apr. 2019 MOLIT Spokesperson
  • Jul. 2018 Director General for Aviation Policy, MOLIT
  • Mar. 2018 Director General for Housing Welfare Policy, MOLIT
  • Dec. 2017 Director General for Public Housing Supply, MOLIT
  • Oct. 2015 Director General for Urban Policy, MOLIT
  • Mar. 2015 Chief Secretary to the Minister, MOLIT
  • Jul. 2014 Planning Director, Planning and Coordination Office, MOLIT
  • Mar. 2014 Director, Land Policy Division, MOLIT
  • Dec. 2011 Seconded to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Aug. 2011 Director, Urban Policy Division, MLTM*
  • Dec. 2009 Director, Housing Policy Division, MLTM
  • 1992 assed the 36th National Higher Civil Service Examination

* MOLIT: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (2013 -)

MLTM: Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (2008 - 2013)


  • 1989 Bachelor of Economics, Yonsei University, ROK
  • 2005 Masters of Art in Social Policy, University of Birmingham, UK