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Park Sun-ho photo

Park Sun-ho Vice Minister for Land and Infrastructure

Welcome to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport will always keep in mind that all policies ultimately aim to provide a decent life for all our people.

To this end, the Ministry will reduce housing burden on people and create a more pleasant and convenient living environment. With more public rental houses and better residential welfare services, we will reach out to vulnerable social groups.

The Ministry will formulate a policy to equally and evenly develop the whole territory. We will revitalize declining old city centers through urban regeneration projects and promote self sufficient and sustainable growth of each region by designating regional hubs such as Innovation Cities that will spread its development benefits to other areas of the region.

The Ministry will also focus on strengthening technology competitiveness to make our construction industry a sustainable growth model that will consistently drive economic growth. We will help construction and engineering firms continue to expand their business into the global market and will enable them to actively respond to market changes. With their strong competitiveness in the global arena, Korea will be able to become a construction superpower in the world.

Furthermore, job creation is second to none in all policy priorities. The Ministry will put relentless efforts into creating decent jobs. We will actively promote and nurture new industries such as geospatial data industry which will lead to new start-ups and jobs. We will also improve the current working environment so that every worker can get a fair and just compensation for their hard work.

The Ministry will build resilience of our territory to natural disasters and make our nation safer and more robust. We will prepare for the future of land, infrastructure and transport by leading the 4th Industrial Revolution in the fields of smart city, new construction technology and geospatial data.

A land with no strong transport infrastructure will lose its competitiveness and transport with no consideration of land development will lose its efficiency. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korea will make its best effort to increase the value of our territory and improve the quality of our people's life by harmonizing the development of land, infrastructure and transport.

Thank you.

Work Experience

  • Dec. 2018 - present Vice Minister for Land and Infrastructure, MOLIT
  • Jul. 2018 Deputy Minister for Territorial and Urban Development, MOLIT
  • Feb. 2016 Deputy Minister for Housing and Land, MOLIT
  • May 2015 Spokesperson for MOLIT
  • Apr. 2013 Director General for Territorial Policy, MOLIT
  • Aug. 2012 Director General for Housing Policy, MLTM
  • Feb. 2012 Director General of the Public Housing Construction Bureau, MLTM
  • Nov. 2009 Seconded to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Feb. 2009 Seconded to the Presidential Committee for Balanced National Development
  • Mar. 2008 Director of the Territorial Policy Division, MLTM
  • Jan. 2007 Head of the Housing Policy Team (GR3), MOCT
  • Sep. 2005 Head of the Housing Policy Team (GR4), MOCT
  • Jul. 2005 Director of the Housing Policy Division, MOCT
  • Nov. 1988 Passed the 32nd National Higher Civil Service Examination

* The Ministry of Construction and Transportation (MOCT) and the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM) are the preceding entities of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT).