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Promote people-centered policy for balanced regional development

  • Identify regional development projects tailored to local needs, including through the designation of Leading Investment Districts for areas that are well-positioned to become a regional growth hub with the facilitation of private investment
  • Foster regional growth poles by promoting Innovation Cities based on the relocation of public institutions from the capital region; strengthening self-sufficiency of a newly-built multi-functional administrative city (Sejong, located 150km south of Seoul); and facilitating the development of the Saemangeum area in North Jeolla province.
  • Create the East-West Integration Zone in the riverside of Seomjin River to promote co-development of eastern and western parts of the country
  • Stimulate regional tourism in coastal and inland areas, including through the designation of marine tourism promotion districts

Develop industrial complexes as an incubator for regional innovative growth

  • Provide locational support for new industries and build an ecosystem for startup and innovation
  • Utilize small spaces in urban centers for the location of new industries
  • Improve the residential environment of industrial complexes to attract talent

Present the future direction of national land and promote its efficient management

  • Establish the Comprehensive National Territorial Plan that guides how to develop national land over the long term
  • Design a policy that promotes the orderly rearrangement of the capital region and seeks the region's balanced development with the rest of the country
  • Operate the territorial planning evaluation system for the sustainable management of national land
  • Coordinate planning for national land and environmentCoordinate planning for national land and environment