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Create 'Korean Wave' backed by half-century performance of overseas construction

  • Pursue co-prosperity with overseas markets in the Middle East, Asia, Central/South America, Africa, etc.
  • Utilize top technologies in various areas such as plants, high-rise buildings, desalination facilities and Korean-style new towns
  • Foster four key areas of water management, urban development, transport infrastructure and green energy
  • Explore and support overseas investment development projects through global infrastructure funds
  • Strengthen overseas diplomacy to win more orders by holding bilateral meetings (high-level government officials) and inviting major project owners

Advance the domestic construction industry for stronger competitiveness

  • Sharpen the skills of construction field technicians and improve industrial systems to meet the global standard
  • Ensure the reasonable operation of bidding/award systems to induce enhancement in technological expertise of construction firms and efficiency of public construction projects
  • Promote mutually beneficial development among all stakeholders including project owners, engineering firms, builders, supervisors, and construction workers
  • Establish a fair and transparent transaction order across the industry