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The vision and duty of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs focus on constructing worldwide transportation and logistic network in order to make the territory with full power growth engines. The Ministry promises to be one of the best Ministries in Korea that serves the nation and is trusted by the people.

  • 1989

    Ministry of Construction July 01 Introduce New Urban Planning Office

  • 1987

    Ministry of Transportation December 05Rename Transportation Adjustment Bureau to Transportation Policy Bureau .Introduce Safety Control Bureau

  • 1984

    Ministry of Construction December 27Introduce Water Supply and Drainage Bureau

  • 1983

    Ministry of Construction September 07Divide Construction Development Bureau into Construction Development Bureau, Oversea Construction Bureau
    [1 Office 9 Bureaus 56 Departments]

  • 1981

    Ministry of Construction November 01Terminate Water Supply and Drainage Bureau and Industrial Location Bureau

  • 1979

    Ministry of Construction June 15Introduce Land Bureau and Water Supply and Drainage Bureau
    [1 Office 10 Bureaus 40 Departments]

    Ministry of Transportation April 01Introduce Urban Transportation Bureau

  • 1976

    Ministry of Construction December 31Divide Housing and Urban Bureau into Urban Bureau and Housing Bureau

    Ministry of Transportation March 13Terminate Shipping Bureau and Introduce Korea Maritime Affairs and Port Administration

  • 1975

    Ministry of Transportation July 22Rename Transportation Planning Authority to Transportation Adjustment Office

  • 1968

    Ministry of Construction July 24Division and Renaming of Post Divide Land Reservation Bureau into Road Bureau and Harbor Facility Bureau
    Rename Special Region Bureau to Housing, Urban Bureau, Planning Bureau to Territory Planning Bureau
    [1 Office 10 Bureaus 40 Departments]

  • 1963

    Ministry of Transportation September 01Introduce Korea Rail Network Authority August 31Adjustment and Renaming of Post Terminate Facility Bureau, Pay Bureau, Accounting Bureau, and Material Bureau
    Rename Tourist Road Bureau to Tourist Bureau
    Introduce Aviation Bureau
    [4 Bureaus 11 Departments]

  • 1962

    Ministry of Construction June 29Introduce Ministry of Construction from Land Construction Administration [4 Bureaus 15 Departments]

  • 1961

    Ministry of Construction October 02Introduction of Post
    Introduce Shipping Bureau, Tourist Road Bureau, Transportation Official Training Center, Regional Harbor Control Bureau, Regional Shipping Bureau, and Route Mark Station.
    [7 Bureaus 27 Departments]
    July 22Rename Ministry of Construction to Construction Administration of Ministry of Economic Planning June 07Rename Ministry of Development to Ministry of Construction
    [4 Bureaus 18 Departments]

  • 1955

    Ministry of Construction February 17Introduce Ministry of Development [2 Bureaus 9 Departments] 61 Staffs

    Ministry of Transportation February 17Terminate Administration Bureau, and Shipping Bureau

  • 1948

    Ministry of Transportation November 04Introduce Ministry of Transportation
    [1 Office 6 Bureaus 29 Departments] 199 Staffs