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Overhaul dangerous roads to significantly reduce traffic accidents

  • Introduce the advanced Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) that automatically identifies risks on the road including accidents and freezing and gives notification to adjacent vehicles
  • Improve hazardous roads, secure rest areas (for drowsy drivers, etc.) on expressways and national highways, continue to build up safety facilities such as sidewalk, and tighten safety standards
  • Strengthen road safety and disaster management with preventive measures and emergency responses to heavy snow, flooding, collapse of slope, tunnel fire, etc.

Provide easy and convenient access to nationwide roads

  • Promote the construction projects of expressways (both state and private-funded) and national highways based on the 7×9 National Arterial Road Network Plan (7 north-south roads and 9 east-west roads) with a goal to ensure convenient access to the national road network from anywhere in the nation

Maximize road efficiency and enhance customer services

  • Strengthen connectivity among national arterial roads, improve expressway operation including non-stoppage and non-congestion, develop scenic roads, and improve service areas with the remodeling of rest areas
  • Develop a integrated center with logistics, transfer and business facilities centering on the rest areas on expressways
  • Increase the connectivity of transport information provided by ITS among expressways, national highways, and urban roads, thereby informing drivers of real-time traffic conditions as well as precise and prompt information