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Subject Latest Aviation Security Technologies and Experts Gather in Seoul for the ICAO Technology Conference
Upload Date 2019-02-22 Source MOLIT News
Name Heo Baek-yong (044-201-4235) Inquiry 1149
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□ The MOLIT (Minister Kim Hyun-mee) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will hold the 7th Cooperative Aviation Security Programme – Asia Pacific Region of ICAO (CASP-AP)* Technical and Operational Meeting.

* CASP-AP (Cooperative Aviation Security Programme-Asia Pacific): was established in ‘05 by ICAO to strengthen execution of international standards for aviation security and it is providing support for improving competence of aviation security and technical support to member countries (28 member countries)

□ This technical meeting is being held annually since ‘13 as a place for experts from different countries to discuss technological solutions with the goal of enhancing the aviation security levels in Asia-Pacific countries and to further cooperation.

ㅇ In particular, this is the first international meeting on aviation security held in Korea and it is expected that this will serve as an opportunity to promote Korea’s outstanding aviation security system and to solidify its position as a leader in aviation security in the Asia-Pacific.

* ’11 ICAO airport security evaluation results showed that it had the highest ranking (98.57% execution compared to the global average of 68.23%), 6 straight years as an ICAO permanent member (permanent members in Asia-Pacific are Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, India and Australia)

□ At the 7th annual meeting, the status of each country and outstanding cases for executing the ICAO Global Aviation Security Plan* will be shared, and discussions will be held on recent issues and problems, and how to address them.

* GASeP (Global Aviation Security Plan): ICAO’s master plan for strengthening global aviation security that designates the goals, tasks and sub-tasks, and it is being pursued with the goal of all 192 member countries to achieve 90% or higher of the goal between ‘18 and ’30

ㅇ The ICAO and US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) shared information such as results of the recent aviation security evaluation and threat trends to aviation security, and Korea presented its aviation security supervision system, and discussions will be held with experts from the various nations on how to effectively execute international standards in the Asia-Pacific.

ㅇ Furthermore, regarding smart security that has recently become a hot issue, Korea will present its outstanding cases on the operation of Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal 2 and high-tech security search equipment that is scheduled to be introduced to Jeju Airport in order to search for solutions to improve airport security while also enhancing passenger convenience.

□ MOLIT Civil Aviation Office Aviation Policy Officer Jin Hyun-hwan said, “The reason why Korea was able to develop its aviation industry to world-class levels in such a short period of time is because of its efforts and inter-national cooperation to procure aviation security against terrorism, etc.”

ㅇ He added, “Through this technical meeting, it is expected that we will elevate our status in international aviation as a permanent member of the ICAO and this is expected to also have a positive impact on the election for our 7th term as a permanent member of the ICAO general meeting scheduled for September.”