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Innovative growth · Safety · Comfortable daily lives Our vision is to build Korea to be a country of hope where all people grow together


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Develop and manage cities systematically and efficiently

  • Strengthen sustainable inclusiveness and resilience
  • Establish the urban planning system tailored to regional traits and needs
  • Address urban planning facilities that have not been built for a long time

Rejuvenate cities with a regeneration approach

  • Boost urban vitality through resident-participating projects
    (e.g., Saettl Maeul* project that improves decrepit residential areas)
    • Saettl means a garden with new hope and happiness and Maeul is a village.
  • Improve the system to manage regeneration projects for old industrial complexes

Build smart cities for generating future growth engines

  • Address urban issues for better lives by connecting key technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (ICT, Big Data, etc.) with urban infrastructures for transport, safety, energy and others
  • Devise a plan to build and disseminate iconic smart cities to become a leading nation for smart city development
  • Allow some areas already designated for other development projects to be designated as districts for a multi-functional, administrative city (Sejong), innovation cities, etc.
  • Promote Korea's smart city development efforts and seek global cooperation by holding international events (e.g., World Smart City Week)

Build an urban environment where people want to live

  • Strengthen the public value of the Restricted Development Zone system
  • Diversify ways to create parks and secure green space