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Contact Information - Division, Assignment, Tel
Division Assignment Tel.
International Cooperation and Trade Division ASEAN, OECD 82-44-201-3306
FTA 82-44-201-3295
ASEAN 82-44-201-4739
OECD 82-44-201-3308
Urban Policy Division International cooperation 82-44-201-3720
International cooperation, assessment of urban sustainability and living infrastructure, urban issues 82-44-201-3713
Housing Policy Division Housing trends 82-44-201-3329
Land Policy Division Land compensation system and international cooperation 82-44-201-3401
National Spatial Information Policy Division Smart Geospatial Expo and international cooperation 82-44-201-3463
Overseas Construction Policy Division Training human resources for overseas construction 82-44-201-3518
Budget for overseas infrastructure projects (invitational training program, overseas CM projects, ODA) 82-44-201-3535
ODA and cooperation with international organizations 82-44-201-3519
GIF and construction-related trade business (FTA) 82-44-201-3520
Setting up a supporting agency for overseas infrastructure development business 82-44-201-4583
Feasibility study for overseas infrastructure development business 82-44-201-3524
Cooperation with international organizations and investments, MDB forum 82-44-201-4582
Overseas Construction Supporting Division Middle East (Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.) 82-44-201-3527
Middle East (Iraq, Kuwait, etc.) 82-44-201-3529
Southeast/Southwest Asia, CIS (incl. Russia) 82-44-201-3530
Southeast Asia, Oceania 82-44-201-4583
North/Central/South America, GICC 82-44-201-3528
Africa, Europe, market penetration 82-44-201-3293
Transport Policy Coordination Division International cooperation 82-44-201-3788
Motor Vehicles Policy Division Manufacturing defect, trade issues and international cooperation 82-44-201-3843
Logistics Policy Division International cooperation 82-44-201-3998
International Air Transport Division Northeast Asia, Africa 82-44-201-4211
Southeast/Southwest Asia, Russia, civil aviation statistics 82-44-201-4215
Turkey, Middle East, multilateral organizations, education for developing countries 82-44-201-4213
Americas, Oceania, Europe 82-44-201-4208
Airport Policy Division International Cooperation 82-44-201-4329
Road Policy Division International Cooperation 82-44-201-3874
Railway Policy Division Malaysia 82-44-201-4643
All other areas 82-44-201-3939