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Kim Hyun-mee photo

Kim Hyun-mee Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Welcome to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Many Koreans nowadays worry about finding stable housing, while facing the burden of high rent or having to find a new place to live. With the government now tasked with a bigger role and responsibility than ever, we at this Ministry feel a great sense of duty to answer the call of our times and the people we are entrusted to serve.

Apartments should be a place to call home, not a means to make money. We are determined to focus our policies on stabilizing the housing conditions of the working class in an effort to rein in the chaotic housing market. Our mission is to make sure low and middle-income households and those with real demand no longer suffer from extreme housing stress.

A country's land should serve as a home for the people. Bearing this in mind, we will seek more balanced territorial development with a focus on fostering Sejong, innovation cities, corporate cities, Saemangeum and other regions into real growth hubs. Through the so-called "New Deal for Urban Renewal", our goal is to improve the quality of life, create jobs and secure future growth engines.

We will also tackle abnormal business practices to create industry conditions that help promote mutual sustenance between operators and workers, thereby sharpening the competitive edge for industries and improving the quality of jobs.

With regards to transportation services, we are committed to better serving the public interest. Rather than viewing state-run institutions only from a profitability-oriented perspective, we will emphasize the fundamental value of the public services as those for the people.

Our policies will focus on pragmatic efforts that place the people before the numbers or the industries.

I will do my best to keep an open communication with all our staff to help them work for the lives and the happiness of the people with a sense of pride and devotion.

In closing, I hope to meet and communicate with you through this website or Facebook

Thank you.

Work Experience

  • Jun. 2017 ~ Present Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
  • Apr. 2017 Chief Director for Media, Presidential Campaign Headquarter for the 19th President of the Republic of Korea
  • Apr. 2004 ~ Present Member of the 17th, 19th, 20th National Assembly
  • May. 2015 ~ Jun. 2016 Chairperson of Budget & Accounts Committee
  • Feb. 2015 ~ Jun. 2015 Secretary General of the New Politics alliance for Democracy
  • 2014 ~ 2015 Member of the special committee on housing welfare for ordinary people in the National Assembly.
  • 2014 ~ 2015 Member of the Household Debt Special Committee of the Minjoo Party
  • Aug. 2014 ~ Jun. 2015 Director of Strategy and Public Relations of the New Politics alliance for Democracy
  • May. 2012 ~ May. 2014 Vice Chairperson of the Strategy and Finance Committee
  • Apr. 2005 ~ Apr. 2007 The Chairperson of Gyeonggi Chapter, URI Party
  • May. 2004 Spokeswoman of the URI Party
  • Sep. 2003 ~ Dec. 2003 Secretary, Political Affairs, President Office
  • Feb. 2003 – Sep. 2003 Secretary, Interior Speech Affairs, President Office