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Subject Cheonsa Bridge Opens on the 4th... One-Hour Boat Ride Now Takes 10 Minutes by Car
Upload Date 2019-04-02 Source MOLIT News
Name Noh Young-soo (82) 44-201-3892 Inquiry 868
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Cheonsa Bridge Opens on the 4th... One-Hour Boat Ride Now Takes 10 Minutes by Car

- Nation’s first simultaneous cable-stayed girder bridge and suspension bridge... Improve transportation convenience for residents and promote tourism

□ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Minister Kim Hyun-mee) announced that the national route no. 2 Aphae-Amtae road construction (10.8km) that connects Amhae-up to Amtae-myeon in Shinan-gu, Jeonnam was completed and that it would be opened to vehicles from April 4 at 15:00.

ㅇ The Aphae-Amtae road construction project connects Amhae-eup and Amtae-myeon with a marine bridge (Cheonsa Bridge), and construction began in 2010 costing a total of 581. billion KRW.

ㅇ The name Cheonsa Bridge was selected by the local residents considering the features and symbolism of the Shinan-gun that is made up of 1,004 islands, and the bridge name was finally chosen by the National Territory Naming Commission.

- Cheonsa Bridge is Korea’s first bridge that simultaneously has a cable-stayed girder bridge and suspension bridge and it is the fourth longest marine bridge in Korea and the longest among national routes.

ㅇ The most cutting-edge construction civil engineering techniques in Korea were applied during the construction process and it aroused huge interest being visited by marine bridge workers, relevant academic societies, competent authorities, and universities.

□ With the opening of the Cheonsa Bridge, four islands (Jaeun, Amtae, Palgeum, Anjwado) in the Amtae-myeon region will allow local residents (4,817 residents, 9,181 people) and tourists no longer have to take boats to get to the islands, and will be able to travel to and from the island 24 hours a day.

ㅇ Since the only means of transportation were boats, there were many transportation restrictions such as bad weather or night hours, and it has become possible to travel to and from the islands using the Cheonsa Bridge, and therefore, it is expected that the inconveniences of everyday life and residential conditions of the local community members will be significantly improved.

ㅇ In addition to improved distribution of regional specialties, huge developments in the tourism and recreational industries are also expected for Shinan and the southwester Jeonnam regions

* 60 minutes by ferry → 10 minutes by car

□ MOLIT Road Bureau Director Jang Young-soo said, “Cheonsa Bridge is very significant in that it was built with 100% domestic technologies without any consultation from foreign engineers.”

ㅇ He added, “We hope that the Cheonsa Bridge will become a symbol that opens the doors to a new age off tourism in the southwestern part of Korea.”