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Subject The Urban Regeneration New Deal Project, the First Town Management Cooperative is “Incheon Manbu Town’”
Upload Date 2019-04-01 Source MOLIT News
Name Kang Hyun-gyo (82) 44-201-4939 Inquiry 611
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The Urban Regeneration New Deal Project, the First Town Management Cooperative is “Incheon Manbu Town’”

□ MOLIT (Minister Kim Hyun-mee) authorized the ‘Manbu Town Town Management Cooperative’ of Namdong-gu, Incheon as the first town management cooperative of the urban regeneration new deal project.

ㅇ The urban regeneration project is on renovating outdated houses in low-area residential areas and to improve residential environments by supplying everyday infrastructure such as public parking.

- MOLIT is currently pursuing urban regeneration projects* in over 200 places including the urban regeneration new deal project, which is one of the core national projects, and it is also pursuing various types of national support to support the urban regeneration project such as small-scale regeneration and the resident participation project team.

ㅇ In order for such urban regeneration project to be successful, it is important to not only improve the physical environment during the project period, but also to have a maintenance system with ongoing project effects.

ㅇ Accordingly, MOLIT established the ‘town management cooperative’ fostering and support plans (Jul ‘18) to maintain and manage urban regeneration regions under the leadership of community members last year, and also supported education and consulting together with the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency (President Kim In-sun) for four pilot regions among the deal project sites.

- Among them, the Incheon Manbu Town was the first to prepare for the establishment of the cooperative and it was authorized as an urban regeneration new deal project town management cooperative.

□ Manbu Town in Namdong-gu, Incheon was selected for the Neighborhood Revival New Deal Project in 2017 and through 10 billion KRW in priming budget (5 billion in national funding 5 billion in local funding), it has been pursuing improvement of infrastructure for improving residential environments such as public parking lots, as well as establishing community facilities and supplying public lease housing.

ㅇ Since the early stages of the project, Namdong-gu Office and Manbu Town residents in Incheon began fostering the town management cooperative to come up with maintenance and management plans for the future, and it drafted the town management cooperative’s project and operation plans linked with the outcomes of the new deal project.

ㅇ The ‘Manbu Town Town Management Cooperative’ will operate the town community kitchen and culture shop that will be built as part of the new deal project, and it will also act as a town management office for the town parking lot and public lease housing.

- It also plans to improve the new deal project outcomes and continuously manage it for through a variety of projects such as training and consulting for members and employees of the cooperative, projects for cooperation among cooperatives, as well as projects for promoting the cooperative and for the community.

□ MOLIT enacted the ‘town management cooperative fostering and public support guideline’ to promote town management cooperatives and to support local governments (March ‘19) and will hold a business seminar to promote this and help with understanding of it on Apr 10 (Wed) at the Sejong Government Office (Building 12 auditorium).

ㅇ MOLIT Urban Regeneration Project Planning Team Head Kim I-tak said, “The town management cooperative is an important strategy to ensure the performance of the urban regeneration new deal, and is the key that will make communities the stewards of the urban regeneration project.”

ㅇ He added, “We hope that community members will have a sense of ownership and actively participate in the urban regeneration project and town management cooperatives.”