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Subject Finding Next-generation Aviation Data Sharing Plans... Workshop on 2nd
Upload Date 2019-04-24 Source MOLIT News
Name Jang Gyeong-joon (82) 44-201-4362 Inquiry 480
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Finding Next-generation Aviation Data Sharing Plans... Workshop on 2nd

- Presentation of achievements at System-Wide Information Management (SWIM) workshop

□ The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Minister Kim Hyun-mee) will host the ‘System-Wide Information Management (SWIM) workshop“ at Gimpo Airport (Korea Airport Corporation Sky Hall) on April 24 together with the Korea Airport Corporation (CEO Son Chang-wan).

□ MOLIT organized this event to gather aviation information users around the nation to share the development progress and future plans for the next-generation aviation data exchange system, SWIM, and to demonstrate the exclusive test bed installed at Gimpo Airport to gather opinions on the UI and utilization plans.

ㅇ At this workshop, over 100 people related to aviation information operations of related institutes and companies such as control tower and aviation information institutes, Ministry of National Defense, Korea Aviation Meteorological Agency, airport operators, airline companies, etc. around the nation will attend.

ㅇ The Korea Airport Corporation (Aeronautical Research Institute) announces operation plans on the background for implementing SWIM, strengthening the aviation information environment before and after application, domestic and foreign progress, and scope of constructing the domestic system.

□ SWIM is a core project of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s ‘Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU)’ and all member states are participating in its development and construction.

ㅇ Korea has also been preemptively pursuing technological development since ‘16 and this year, it plans to proceed with operation of an exclusive test bed and test mutual information exchange among Korea, China and Japan, and finish up SWIM development by ’20.

ㅇ Furthermore, it has joined the Asia-Pacific region SWIM task force since ‘17 to successfully carry out core roles such as developing technology standards and information exchange models, and it is planning to complete the information exchange model in the TF meeting that will be held in Thailand in March and announce the achievements such as the Korea-China-Japan mutual information exchange tests.

□ MOLIT Director General for Airport and Air Navigation Policy Kim Yong-seok said, “SWIM will be a tool that shares all aviation information of each country and that can be used in real-time through a high-speed aviation communication network that connects the entire world.”

ㅇ He added, “Once SWIM development is completed and commercialized, it is expected that it will contribute significantly in improving aviation safety and efficiency.”