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Subject 98% Recovery of International Flights
Upload Date 2024-04-05 Source MOLIT News
Name Annie Hyunsuk KIM Inquiry 234
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- Maximum number of international flights per week in summer 2024: 4,528, expected to recover 98% compared to before COVID-19

- Newly opened routes for Incheon - Zagreb (Croatia) and Incheon - Melbourne (Australia) etc.

- Temporary increase of Jeju route in response to spring travel demand in April

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT, Minister PARK Sang-woo) has confirmed the schedules on regular international

and domestic flight operations for the 2024 summer period* (31 Mar. 2024 ~ 26 Oct. 2024) applied by the domestic and foreign airlines.

* Most countries around the world adjust their flight schedules twice a year (summer and winter) to cope with changes in flight times due to daylight saving time and seasonal demand

The international flights will be operating up to 4,528 flights per week (round trip) on 231 routes during the summer season of 2024.

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