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Speeches - Details
Subject New Excellent Logistics Technology
Upload Date 2024-04-08 Source MOLIT News
Name 김현숙 Inquiry 166
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Designated as the 7th New Excellent Logistics Technology for the automated loading and unloading system without entering the storage

while improving labor conditions for couriers

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT, Minister PARK Sang-woo) designated the ‘Horizontal loading and unloading

automatic system for small cargo transport vehicles’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘automated parcel loading and unloading system’), which

helps loading and unloading of packages horizontally, as New Excellent Logistics Technology No. 7 on April 5th.

This technology is a device system that automatically moves small cargos by moving the floor plate of the vehicle at a touch of the button

without having to climb up and down or enter the vehicle with parcels.

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