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New High-Speed Rail 〃KTX-CheongRyong〃

  • New High-Speed Rail 〃KTX-CheongRyong〃
New High-Speed Rail 〃KTX-CheongRyong〃 포토이미지
The new high-speed rail KTX-CheongRyong (meaning of blue dragon) was fully unveiled at the 20th Anniversary of the KTX on April 1st, which was developed by domestic technology boasting as the fastest high-speed train in Korea with a maximum speed of 320 km/h.

KTX-CheongRyong is a distributed power type* of high-speed rail (Electric Multiple Unit-320) designed and manufactured completely with Korean technology through a research & development project for the next-generation high-speed railway (2007~2015) by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's expecting to enter into the global market of high-speed rail where the distributed power type is prevailed.
* (Concentrative Power Type) Consisting of locomotives with power units and passenger cars without power units <-> (Distributed Power Type) Distributed power units throughout the entire railway cars