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Foster the real estate service industry

  • Establish infrastructure for real estate services
  • Boost the public offering and listing of REITs
  • Certify advanced real estate service operators
  • Encourage startups for real estate services

Provide stronger protection for real estate consumers

  • Strengthen protection for the tenants of commercial buildings
  • Prevent fraudulent property items from being uploaded on online portal sites
  • Encourage electronic real estate transactions
  • Protect consumers subscribing to the pre-sale of non-residential buildings

Establish a fair order in the real estate services market

  • Create a fair order for real estate transactions
  • Improve the appraisal commissions system
  • Enhance the reliability and balance of the officially announced price system
  • Reinforce the soundness of the real estate development business

Change the land system geared toward potential buyers

  • Improve regulations on land
  • Develop new cities in line with environmental changes
  • Devise a mid to long-term supply plan for public housing sites based on demand
  • Manage LH's financials to meet the administration's policy tasks